Tuesday, September 30, 2008

after going to a funeral yesterday, life seemed more valuable and senses seemed stronger. it reminded me of going to church camp and feeling rejuvenated for a couple weeks. unfortunately after two weeks or so, we forget that spirit and head back into everyday activities. but for those who are more strong affected, it may take years to forget.

when someone dies, i never know what to say or write. i have those generic words i write on a card:

"i am deeply and profoundly sorry for your loss. my prayers are with you."

or, for those who are less religious:

"i am sorry for your loss."

to write value of life on a card is virtually impossible, but i have not been able to fully fathom any other way of conveying sympathy without physical interaction. because of this thought process, i did not buy a cheezy card yesterday in memory of kathryn elliott, but i gave lots of hugs, and will always remember jen's gram and her ashtray, coffee, and soap operas.


Clint and Jen said...

I didn't know Jen's grams passed, should I send a card? Is jen o.k?

s.wear said...

You might want to send Jen a card, she is pretty devastated, you can read the obituary here: