Thursday, February 25, 2010


writing to relieve myself of stress and anticipation, however filling myself with exuberance and joy. my dog is on my lap, licking me profusely, not knowing his mother will be gone for ten weeks. my cat purrs and meows, and vocalizes his existence better than most humans. i will miss his comfort while i am away.

today i wanted to cry, as emotions were melting my heart like the snow in spring. reading through quotes, and words from advice from people whom i care deeply for... not knowing how they influenced my soul to be full today. 

feeling full in numerous ways is rewarding, yet painful. wanting to sleep, yet knowing i cannot in fear i will forget this moment. looking back at the person i was five years ago, and molding myself into a woman has been an adventure in a myriad of ways. never would i have foreseen the happiness i have experienced, and the peace that i feel. 

as i embark on a new journey, i walk tall with pride, and stand at ease. 

thank you to all those who have made me feel special. i feel honored, blessed, and grateful to be living, breathing, loving and writing. 

more to come...

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neekole said...

so, how was it?