Wednesday, January 20, 2010


later than never right. 

looking back...

lots of change in 2009: minus 2 rats, minus 1 cat, plus 1 dog, plus 1 new job, minus 1 significant other, plus 1 niece, plus, plus, plus. more plus signs than anything, which brings me to 2010...

oh yes... and those dreadful resolutions. 

#1- be closer to my family.
#2- just because business writing professionals tell me to double space, single spacing is okay. and, being single is okay... right? and yes, this new year i am taking pride in being single and single-spacing. 
#3- don't be negative in the workplace... work drags, we all know this. it stinks being so typical and standard everyday. waking up to an alarm, dressing in business attire, weekly meetings, reports, morning and evening traffic, work politics. yes, we are all in the same boat, but i am forcing myself to smile and realizing negativity can really wear on the joints.
#4- HAVE FUN! don't be so serious and deep all the time, and live on the edge.
#5- finish at least 8 more chapters of my novel.
#6- eat new things, and dine out more often.
#7- don't talk over people, and be known for listening, rather than delegating.
#8- reunite with old friends.
#9- run up new hills, and hike unfamiliar mountains.
#10- don't be so self-centered. 

this life is about growing, progressing, learning, and loving. i hope to do all four, and never lose sight of the things and people that matter most. 


Kristin and Seth said...

Love it! If you would like someone to hike with give me a call. 459-2131.

deb b said...

A pretty dang comprehensive list! Take care

Anonymous said...

Wow! i haven't even made any goals for this year, I am such a slacker. So proud of you and for the great person you are. Love you forever.