Thursday, October 30, 2008

lucky girl

I have never been a morning person, until recently. Usually, it takes 15 minutes of toying with the snooze key on my phone to open my eyes and roll my frame into an upward position. I am beginning to get comfortable with new rituals since John has moved in. He lets the dog out, and we drink coffee and talk about the day prior: what time we got home, how work went, the crazy cats and rats, and whether I went to the gym or not. Mornings are surprisingly refreshing.

Last night, coworkers invited me out for drinks, and it was astoundingly easy to decline. I did not hesitate answering the internal question, would I rather feel healthier or poorer? The lonely gym bag sat in my car needing attention; therefore, I did not flake. The gym relaxes my muscles and challenges my endurance, and afterwards, I feel better and healthier than before. My life has taken shape in the way I have always dreamed, and I am glad to have priorities beyond surface elements. Everything extends outside of the physical, and I am attempting to grasp feelings and events that matter most.

In Europe next week, I plan on seeing and grasping everything with mental photographs. While Davey is in class, I will walk around and attempt to memorize sounds and emotions on the streets of Paris. Davey has grown tremendously as a person since moving away, and I am excited to get to know her all over again. At 24, life is brighter than ever before, and I march forward to the future with open hands and unclenched teeth.

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