Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Seasons transform similar to people who lose their leaves and hibernate. One moment, the colors change from an orange to a fiery crimson, and the next instant, they are washed away with prevailing winds and bursts of cold. My trunk is strong this season, and my leaves are refusing to fall like the others. When moods begin to darken, there is one leaf remaining in the cold.

The adversities in life are powerful like the seasons. There are those trees you will water, nurture, cover, prune, and mulch, but without roots, they will not withstand the cold and thrive in the spring. One must develop internal roots that have the ability of growing wiser than the calendar years. Feed the roots with knowledge, hobbies, passions, words, ethics, music, conversation—once observed, the lonely tree will mature.

Through interacting with people and movement, I have come to terms that there are more Colorado Spruce’s than Quacking Aspens. Without a blend of slow and fast-growing trees, the world would not have a diverse background and culture. Although it is easy to become frustrated with the lack of growth in deciduous trees every year, it is important to remember their leaves stay green. As people, all we can do is feed our little aspen/spruce/cedar/birch trunks, so in 50-100 years, we remain beautiful and inspirational, and that our branches bring shade and comfort to numerous souls.

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