Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wear Lodge

the Wear Lodge has been a sanctuary of bliss these past 5 nights. no sounds, no television, just peace. i felt a need to write, because being in solitude in the middle of the mountains has opened my perception to a different way of living. inside, i feel myself growing larger and more comfortable in my own shoes. although i much rather be surrounded by people, i am beginning to enjoy the moments i have alone. these moments are hard to come by, which is why i cherish them.

evenings are dark, yet soothing.

and then things are bright... yes the green is finally painted, and i am really pleased with the results.


Clint and Jen said...

I love the green, I wish we could paint our walls, it makes such a difference. Love you and miss you.

s.wear said...

i wake up and things are a little brighter. my cats were pretty amazed at the transition. they just stare at the wall sometimes, it is funny. love you sis