Friday, December 12, 2008


People always think of a near-death experience as physical. I am here to inform my readers that emotional death exists and shares similarities to those individuals that come close to dying. No, there is not a bright light as the heart stops and suddenly revives itself again. No, there are no hospital gowns and tubes hooked to ones body like a breaker box. No, there are no priests reading last rights underneath florescent lights.

Yes, there is that gasp of air after being held underwater for two minutes and finally being able to breathe again. This time, it did not take a brush with death to change my perception of life. As I found myself drowning, my muscles gave their last hurrah and forced my head above water. The experience became life-altering, like those individuals that are given a second chance at life. Viewing life from a new set of eyes is refreshing and rewarding, if only I could share this with you.

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Classic Jones said...

I'm a fan of your writing, you're really talented at poetry. You say what you are, which is beautiful and honest. I have felt emotionally dead once or twice in my life and it is really hard to convey the simplicity of it. Good job.

ps, optimism always helps bring in the sunshine