Friday, December 12, 2008

Rolled 20s

When traveling through the core of the earth,
each layer of rock becomes softer as we melt
together like the night we ate blue ladies.
Your back pressed against my bony chest,
feeling your heart beat through the layers of threads
and washcloths vaporizing with Vicks.
Kinetic energy flowed through the pink walls
and I forced myself to look away from you,
but was drawn to the pictures you painted in my head.
Across the vastness of the sky, tiny stars moved
as we sat in the hot tub sweating, thirsting for
one another’s presence in a trivial town.
Distant as we were, we chipped away with a breaker bar
at the crust. We reached the core, which was hot
like our elevated body temperatures in the cold snow.
Holding hands with you at the core caused my soul
to burst like lava in a moment of eruption.
I left you that blissful night for my best friend,
with only regrets and rolled 20s in my pocket.

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