Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In silence, pondering the past—
watching, wondering, wailing
sweet tears underneath Orion’s Belt.
The bold constellation recalls memories
unforeseen and a magnitude of beauty
with a twist of mythological brilliance.
Glancing through scraps and old photographs,
appearing as if talent wastes away…
8 to 5… Monday through Friday…
week by weak… succumbing to the year.
Can color emerge in a dull painting
or mountains appear in a foggy sky?
Will future personalities and creativity
rise about 6’ cubicles and fluorescent lights?
There is satisfaction in security like the paperweight
holding valuable contents in place.
The fascination with sifting sand washes away
with the tide as direct deposits routinely fill accounts.
What may appear a “wasted talent” doubles
as a brightly colored gem, shining across rows
of white 6x10’s, providing intellectual stimulation
where needed most.

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