Monday, January 12, 2009

life is not fair... as we know

At night, I lay down to write. Tears beautifully fall between the lines written with passion, love, and fear. Why hold back emotions, when eyes begin to swell? Driving the same route each morning, attempting not to think about where and how streets became misguided, ending somewhere not imagined or deserved.

Internal corruption for many individuals, and humility for only a handful.

Her wings are not broken from the dishonesty of those above, but rather she leaves quietly with the grace of an angel. I have faith she will bust through the brick wall, or at least climb over it quickly. She makes sure everyone is okay before herself, a self-sacrificing purity above those I have ever encountered.

Now she can put herself first, and have the peace she rightfully, justly, and respectfully deserves.

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