Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A moment away from poetry, and an illustration of what I feel today

Sifting through emotions, and savoring the ones that count. I am a human being, intrinsically social and wanting to please like the 5th grader bringing home artwork for Mom to see. Traveling through the motions with more depth and understanding—guiding through the skies with the swiftness and steadiness of an artist’s hand. Viewing each failure as a unique crater, which ultimately defines the beauty of the moon and gives it shape in the night. Blazing bright through the indigo sky, I am the bird taking flight over the picturesque mountains and valleys of Montana, watching the skies melt hearts together into a melting pot of love and friendship. I wonder why our souls cannot be more like burning incense that subsides slowly on all those that gather around it. The fresh smell of sage soothes minds and stimulates conversation over red and white wines who mirror those individuals that age with fineness. We gather like clear glasses, uniquely imprinted with colorful designs and etched glass. Laughter and life embody every movement of my soul as I drift on a boat in an ocean of happiness with all of my family and friends aboard.


Clint and Jen said...

Love you sissy and miss you. cant wait to see you soon. Paiton sends a hug and kiss.

neekole said...

this is beauty.