Friday, April 3, 2009


Even Home Depot does not sell a thick enough spackle to cover the faults in my wall. Smearing the gaps with a putty knife, the spackle slowly dries and cracks, leaving imperfections on the surface of a colorful partition. The spot is weak compared to the other 4x8 pieces of sheetrock who remain sturdy and resist temptations of boldness and anger. Each day, I look at the soft spot on the wall, and try not to irritate it further, but relapse and cave the mud backwards toward the studs. I bought a new patch kit yesterday and smoothed the wrinkles out, added texture, affixed primer, rolled on paint, and crossed my fingers in hopes that no one will notice the blemish I covered for the fifth time this year. I must remember that speaking positive and helping others will detract from the blemish created when a time when wallpaper and flowered curtains were customary.

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