Saturday, April 2, 2016

level 5 rapids

Helmets strapped, life vests tight against bare skin, rafts submerge in the river on the warmest day of Spring.  Sun shining so bright the reflection
from the water slowly reddens skin and draws silhouettes in its body.
The raft floats steadily moving from left to right with minimal speed
allowing for conversations and laughter.
Around the bend, the river forks into two distinct routes—
both with paths leading to unlike sceneries.

The left rapid can slurp its inhabitants into a spell of excitement, risk and
danger while offering a beautiful route through a miraculous gorge ending
with a site similar to Gorges du Verdon in France.
The resonance of rushing water so powerful it sounds like a percussion musical. With each rapid, the current gets stronger, and riders are thrown from the raft pleading for a hand to lift them back to shelter, security, and steadiness.

The right rapid offers comfort and reliability with minimal threats to safety like those cars who auto break when a hazard is near.
The route is a peaceful journey with minimal pace changes and obstructions whose waters are shaded by large oak trees.  The rider cannot view anything further than the lines of leaves, but revels in the beauty of those objects that can be touched.

The fork is drawing near, the raft is swaying, the riders are split with
half their ores drawing left and the others right. 


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